Traditions….not only the big ones but more so the little ones. Little things we remember and which can be more important to us than all the presents we receive because without these little things there is no Holiday. 

One of the big things for me to get used to when I came from Germany to the states was the early appearance of christmas trees! As a child in Germany the advent season was guiding us towards Christmas and the Christmas tree appeared magically on Christmas eve! What a difference !

This would be a “big” thing. Now let me give you an example for one of the so called small things. Back in the fifty’s/sixty’s when I was a kid the world was a lot smaller than it is today. My mother loved purple grapes and Pineapple but these fruits were only available in winter and pretty expensive! So it became a Christmas tradition to have purple grapes and Pineapple under the Christmas tree ….and still is ! These small things you don’t find anywhere mentioned. When I came to the US, I was told that we have a pickle hanging in our Christmas Tree back in Germany! A pickle? I grew up in Berlin and never even heard of something like this. Maybe in other parts of Germany but online it sounded like a very important German tradition. That’s why I am curious about your personal memories. Things you would like your children to remember and to  continue.

How about you? Do you have some “little” traditions to share? Not only Christmas , but all the other Holidays too. Share these little things and enrich everybody’s holiday experience a big time.

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Seasons represent the different times of the year, including spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The autumn season is very commonly referred to as the fall because all the leaves fall of the trees during this particular season. While each season is three months long, the weather doesn’t always pay attention. It can seem like a summer day in autumn and winter storms are known to happen in the spring.I like to visit Salem on Halloween and in some years I experienced snowy, freezing cold nights while it was warm and comfortable in other years. On both occasions the Halloween costumes were the same and the Holiday Celebrations and Traditions were just crazy!

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